Manoa Free University at Copenhagen Free University.

Philipp and Ralo from the Manoa Free University are in town. Manoa Free University is based in Vienna as "an open flux of knowledge production, archiving and exchange". Friday July 16 at 8pm they will host an informal evening at the CFU and tell about their recent activities:

- The Gothenburg N.B. project, a socio-political study of urban space starting from a comparison of the social struggles of the 1960s and today. As the title suggests, the project is referring to two distinct crystallization points: Constant's New Babylon of the1960s and the protests against the EU-summit in Gothenburg in June 2001,

- The 'Soundings of Social Reality' compendium, a subjective collection of historical and contemporary approaches to mapping of social reality through soundscapes and field recordings. The compendium consists of a reader and a CD with audiotracks and full-length texts on a data-track,

- And maybe more...

See you on Friday.


Henriette Heise and Jakob Jakobsen / July 13 2004

PS: The Factory of Escape at the CFU refusing any kind of production since winter has within the last two months been forced into some kind of representation. Have a look at the outside of our building or at


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