We are now starting a new season at the Copenhagen Free University. Through a series of events we continue our effort to produce poetic language and critical consciousness. The first meeting of the season take place Saturday 12 October at 3pm. The German artist Stephan Dillemuth will introduce his research into the multifarious Life Reform movement (Lebensreform).

Around the turn of the century, a number of groups were formed that can be subsumed under the term "Lebensreform" (Life Reform). These part utopian, revolutionary, reactionary and reformist approaches characterised the most varied attempts to break free from the Empire of the day: the national, capitalistic and monolithic Wilhelminian Reich.

In view of the development of "multitudes" of parallel conceptions of life, the Life Reform movements were certainly predecessors of today's "escapist" constructions of identity, formed via lifestyle conceptions. At the time, however, some of these approaches lent a sense of "metaphysical depth" to the arising National Socialism.

Other groups were, quite to the contrary, persecuted by the society of the Third Reich, and incorporated or forced into line, which again produced a monolithic homogeneity.

At the meeting Stephan Dillemuth will give a guided tour through the various books and other printed matter that he has brought with him to Copenhagen. Josephine Pryde and Nils Norman, his travel companions on the "Lebensreform Tour 2002" are in town and will be present.



Henriette Heise and Jakob Jakobsen

PS: Friday at 6pm Stephan is opening a show at Mellemdækket Project Room at Charlottenborg, Copenhagen.