Seminar on the Situationist Movement in Scandinavia

Here you'll find videorecordings of the presentations made during the Seminar on the Situationist Movement in Scandinavia that took place in Copenhagen mid March 2007. We don't bring the discussions that were an important part of the seminar and took up most of the time during the two days. In other words the recordings here only represent the positions of the invited speakers and the not the totally of the seminar. Enjoy!

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Thursday March 15

Introduction by Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen & Jakob Jakobsen

Statement read by the organisers of the seminar >>>


The Use of History: Situating the Situationist International with Stewart Home & Tom McDonough

Stewart Home

Tom McDonough


Realizing Philosophy through Play: Lars Morell & Karen Kurczynski

Lars Morell

Karen Kurczynski


Hardy Strid: Anyone can be a situationist

Read the Statement from Hardy Strid. Hardy Strid couldn't make it to the seminar due to illness >>>


The films of Drakabygget with Carl Nørrested

Carl Nørrested


Friday March 16

Destroying the Spectacle with Mikkel Bolt & Zwi/Negator


Mikkel Bolt


The Situationist Counter Public Sphere with Jacqueline de Jong

Karen Kurczynski & Jacqueline de Jong


Revolution: Art or Politics? with Peter Laugesen & Fabian Tompsett

Fabian Tompsett

Peter Laugesen


Drakabygget - An Utopia in Scania? with Gordon Fazakerley & Jacqueline de Jong

Gordon Fazakerley, Jacqueline de Jong and Jakob Jakobsen


Final Discussion


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